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Save Money with These 3 Second Hand Parts

Most of the time, a breakdown comes out of the blue. Sure, there may have been subtle clues that can be pinpointed in hind-sight. But most people aren’t professional mechanics, and will let small things slide until it’s too late. And then, before they know it, at the most in-opportune time, their engine over-heats. Or something else happens, and their car is not officially broken down. If this happens to you, it is always important to remain calm and panic.

When a break-down occurs, there are is one exceptional method for saving money in the process of conducting repairs. And it is by taking advantage of second hand car parts. Continue reading to learn what some of the most financially pragmatic used parts are.


The transmission is incredibly central to the function of your automobile. If your transmission breaks, it is curtains for any future plans of driving. And to have this part replaced, you can be set back by up to 3.5 grand. But not if you choose to purchase it second hand.

Salvage yards don’t only take cars that have been completely obliterated in an accident. A car can become junk just because the owner would be better off buying a new car than having their current one fixed. This is why so many cars being salvaged have plenty of parts that are in fine condition. This makes it possible to find a transmission that is in perfect condition.

Do take the time to research what you need first, however. It is normal for each different model to have changes made to it. So it is wise to take your time before choosing the part you want.

Mirrors and Windows

The side mirrors are taken for granted by most folk. They don’t realise that it was such an integral part of their driving until it snaps off one day. Replacing a mirror can be quite expensive as well. The dent in your bank balance will be between a few hundred and one grand.

Buying a used mirror is the answer. It will work in exactly the same manner. Can’t find the exact same model? Get one that is similar, and just paint it. Your bank account will thank you! The same principal is in effect when you have a shattered window, cracked sunroof, or broken rear view.


Do you need to replace a tyre? Brand new tyres often need you to spend a few hundred dollars on them. But second hand tyres? They cost much less. Don’t forget to make sure you take your time to choose the correct one, as getting the wrong tyre can result in disaster on the road. Read more, 3 things you must know about your tyres.

Look at the date stamp on the tyre. If it is more than five years old, don’t buy it. If there are any signs that it has been repaired in the past, reject it. You should also check the wear, to make sure that it isn’t uneven. Uneven wear shows that the tyre was on a car that had alignment issues, and therefore has a higher likelihood of non-performance.

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