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Process of car disposal in Australia

When disposing an automobile, you are usually accountable for GST. Provided the disposal of motor vehicle is a taxable sale. This is applicable even if the automobile is sold privately or it was bought before 1 July 2000. Generally, you will be the GST value you will be liable to pay is one-eleventh of the vehicle’s […]...

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We Pick Up Junk Cars for Cash

Junk Car Removals

A junk car can be easily isolated from the non-junk cars out there. It is an automobile that is severely damaged due to wear and tear, accident, or some other form of bad luck. And the damage is so bad that the cost of getting it fixed will be a lot more than how much […]...

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7 Benefits of Buying Used Tyres


Most of the vehicle owner often wonders if there is any good reason to invest in used tyres, when new ones are providing great quality, durability and condition. The answer is of course yes. You can look for buying good quality used tyres that can serve the purpose reliably.  There are a number of reasons […]...

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Home of Used Toyota Parts and Accessories in Perth


Do you own a Toyota vehicle, and you have recently discovered that it requires a part replacement, there is one thing for sure. The part that you purchase in order to replace the current broken part needs to be in great condition. The quality level should be as high as is possible for a used […]...

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All You Need to Know About Used Car Evaluations


The activity of selling a used vehicle privately is infamous for having a lot of things you need to do. You don’t only have to get your car cleaned up first. Perhaps your car needs repairs. You will need to get them done. You will need to take photos, place adverts, tell everyone you know, […]...

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7 Car Parts That Are Most Expensive to Repair and Replace


It is obvious that no vehicle is immune from getting damaged or broken over time. No matter whether it is made by a classic, brand-new or exotic brand, it will start showing potential problems at some point. And, when it comes to fixing an unexpected car repair them it can be very daunting and blow […]...

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Advantages of Buying Auto Parts from Wreckers


Buying replacement parts for your automobile can be a huge hassle. Perhaps it is because the spare part is hard to find. Or maybe you are thinking of buying the part brand new to ensure its quality and you find that it is too expensive. However, the fact of the matter is that replacement parts […]...

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Flood Damaged Cars


Have you found it hard to sell your car after it has been damaged severely in a flood? If you answered yes to this question and you also live in Perth or the larger WA area, you are in luck. Because you have the option of selling your flood damaged automobile to us here at […]...

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What to do with a car that is not worth fixing


If there is one thing we can all be sure about, it is the fact that everything falls apart sooner or later. When it comes to cars, if you can sell your car a fair bit of time before this happens, it won’t be you who are stuck with it when it turns to trash. […]...

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How to Keep Your Engine from Overheating

car engine overheating banner

If there is one thing no-one wants happening to their car’s engine, it is overheating. It is a potentially catastrophic event to occur, and is also very common. Your engine risks failure if it gets to that state. And with failure comes massive repair costs. Costs so high that often-times people choose to just have […]...

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