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3 things you must know about your tyres

Most of the times vehicle owners only take care of their vehicle’s appearance from inside-out. It’s normal for people to take their vehicle tyre for granted. Often they are so busy maintain their auto body that they forget about the wear and tear of tyres. They neglect to inspect its specifications closely on a regular basis. This includes common problems like wear and tear of tread pattern.

However, this clearly indicates that they are making a serious mistake. It’s because tyres are the only means of contact between your vehicle and the road. So, they are the most important part of your automobile which is responsible for better performance, traction and safety. It accelerates, brake, drive and control the car on the road.


Here we have shared 3 most important things to know about your tyres that you were afraid to ask:

Tread Wear

It is a bitter but certain truth of tyres lives that they get worn-out at some point of time. However, the amount of wear and tear will be based on your driving style. You must look if the tread wear in your automobile is uneven. If it is so make sure to check the suspension or you will need to get a wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Also keep a check on the tread depth. A low tread depth indicates that your wheels are no longer safe to use. You can use various devices to check the depth of tread. If it is less than 1.5mm, it is not only unsafe but also illegal.

Date of Manufacturing

When you buy a brand new set of wheels there may be greater chances that is not completely new. Generally, they will be at least one year old. That’s why experts recommend to check the manufacturing date before purchasing the tyres. Near the rim and on the edge of your wheels, you will find the letter DOT. Just after the D.O.T letters you will find four numbers outlining the year of production and the week.

You can use this information to make sure that you are purchasing brand new tyres. If you end up getting old wheels, you could experience bad consequences. For example, tyre dry rot.

Types of Tyres for Different Seasons

When you begin shopping for tyres, all of them will appear identical. But there are actually different tyres for different seasons. For example, there are snow wheels for winter and there are summer tyres as well.  Each of them has a completely different tread pattern and compound. For instance, softer compound is used in manufacturing winter tyres because it provides better traction during the weather. It also prevents the wheel from getting hard and offer better holding. If they are however used in summer season, it will add to huge wear and tear of the tyre due to softer compound.

Likewise, using summer tyres in winter weather leads to very bad consequences. This includes poor traction and braking. Over all, using the right type of wheels for the seasons will help you avoid getting involved in any dangerous crash.

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