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Perth Auto Wreckers are proud to be the leading car removal company in Western Australia. And the good folk of Western Australia can rest easy knowing that if they ever find themselves in the unfortunate position of having a scrap vehicle cluttering up their property. The best possible solution to their woes, as well as top cash, are but a mere phone call away. Cars are ubiquitous, and there will always be junk cars to remove from driveways and back lawns, free of charge. And as long as this is the case, you can be rest assured that Perth Car Wreckers will be here to sort it out. Provided you live anywhere in Western Australia, from Maddington to Kwinana.

Car Wreckers Maddington

Everyone enjoys owning cars, but being in ownership of a good for nothing scrap vehicle is an entirely different story. It might have once been a beloved method of transportation to and from work, but those days are over. The good news is that if you live in Maddington there is a simple and easy way to dispose of this burden. And all it involves is getting in touch with the top car removal company in the area: Perth Auto Wreckers. We will pay you handsomely, and remove the vehicle from your premises for free.

Perth Auto Wreckers

It is absolutely true that no-one deserves the burden of a car, truck, Ute, van or SUV that has reached the end of its life. They may have been an indispensable part of your life, but once the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of a new car it’s time to say goodbye. Perth Auto Wreckers will help you say goodbye, and pay you up to $9999 for your troubles. All makes and models are accepted. It doesn’t matter what condition the vehicle is in either, be it brand new or completely written off.

Car Wreckers in Armadale

If you live in the beautiful community of Armadale and your car isn’t wanted anymore, there is only good news for you in this paragraph. You see, we at Perth Auto Wreckers operate all throughout Western Australia, and that includes Armadale. We pay the most for junk cars. Add free removal to the mix and you have a recipe for good times. Our team is second to none, and with our years of experience you can trust that we will be your best option for selling your unwanted automobile.

Cash for Cars Rockingham

Cars are an amazing asset to have in your life. But this stops being true when the car in question no longer goes, and costs too much to fix. You can’t just leave it on the lawn, or in the garage. And it’s illegal to abandon it, so don’t do that. If you live in Rockingham, WA, call the area’s best and leading car removal company. That would be us, Perth Auto Wreckers. We pay the most cash for cars of any condition, all models and makes, regardless of brand.

Car Dismantling Mandurah

Good news for people living in the beautiful town of Mandurah. A broken down automobile is no longer cause for despair. There is an option you can choose that is guaranteed to be convenient, simple, easy, and stress free. We at Perth Auto Wreckers have a dedicated team whose years of experience have furnished us with the required skills and expertise to place the best possible value on your unwanted junk vehicle. And we will even remove it for you free of charge. Call 08 9452 8859 and Perth Auto Wreckers will gladly give a free quote, before coming to sweet cash for it.

Cash for Cars Belmont

Meet Belmont’s leading and most responsive car wreckers in Perth that offer first-rate wrecking, recycling and disposing services. You can sell us your vehicle in return for a stack of cash. So, if you have a damaged, broken, scrap, junk or crashed vehicle, you won’t have to tolerate its awful sight anymore.


Has your car, truck, van or Ute broken down for the hundredth time? Is it safe to assume that buying a new second hand automobile will be more cost effective than keeping the current one running? It will probably nearly impossible to sell using the normal avenues. It still needs to go, and the best option for getting it out of your life is via a car removal company. That’s where we come in. We are Perth Auto Wreckers, and we are now operating in Thornlie as well as the rest of Western Australia. Call us and we will furnish you with a free quote.


Being named the most liveable city of 2011 is no mean feat. Now it’s even more liveable thanks to the inclusion of the premiere car removal company in all of Western Australia. That’s right, Perth Auto Wreckers, the car removal company that boasts the best service and the most cash given for junk vehicles, operates out of Joondalup as well. Convenient, easy and stress free solutions to the burden of having a junk vehicle cluttering up your back yard are what we provide. Call us at 08 9452 8859 for free removal and top cash.

Car Recycling Cockburn

Like various other towns of Perth, Cockburn is an incredibly beautiful suburb to live in. But what it would look like if it gets flooded with scrap, salvaged or abandoned vehicles in every street. Really awful, isn’t it?


Western Australia has some of the best towns and cities, and this is no truer than the city of Kwinana. It would be a shame if there was no way to dispose of the vehicles and automobiles in the area that reach the end of their lives. As is an inevitable outcome for all cars, trucks, Utes, vans and SUVs. That is why it is so important to have a reliable car removal company who will take your vehicle free of charge, pay you for it and recycle it.

Anywhere in Western Australia, Auto Wreckers Perth will be there to sort your unwanted vehicle out. Whether it is brand new and you are after quick and convenient cash, or it has been in an accident and no longer works, call us at 08 9452 8859.


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