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/ 7 Car Parts That Are Most Expensive to Repair and Replace

7 Car Parts That Are Most Expensive to Repair and Replace


It is obvious that no vehicle is immune from getting damaged or broken over time. No matter whether it is made by a classic, brand-new or exotic brand, it will start showing potential problems at some point. And, when it comes to fixing an unexpected car repair them it can be very daunting and blow your budget.

This particularly happens with people having older vehicles. That’s why most car owners often feel nagging and helpless as nothing can be done to avoid costly repairs.

Therefore, it is wise to save some money from your income to deal with unexpected situations like car problems. This helps in avoiding any daunting experience when it’s time to fix unexpected issue with your vehicle. After all, “Knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared”.

In this guide we have shared most common auto parts that are costly to repair and replace:

Car Cylinders and Engines

If you have a broken engine or cylinder, it is one of the worst problems that your vehicle can have. Basically, you will need to pay huge dollars in order to get it fixed. This will simply double your trouble. In some cases the cost of repairing the cylinder is equal to the cost of a replacement engine.

At that point your mechanic may recommend you to get the entire engine changed. Its cost will vary depending on your automobile’s size and kind of engine.

Transmission System

Nearly 90% of problems in an automobile occur in a transmission system. But it is unfortunately the most essential component in a vehicle. It suffers expensive repairs mostly because of decreased levels of transmission fluid. And, most often car owners neglect to change transmission fluid at regular intervals which leads to trouble.

Additionally, your transmission can also get worn out by driving and dropping the clutch with hard gear changes. In order to fix a problem in transmission system you may have to spend around thousands. If your mechanic advises you to replace the entire system it will cost you even more.


The camshaft controls the flow of air inside the engine. Hence, it is considered as one of the most important components in an automobile. It usually gets damaged or broken when you ignore to change oil and don’t take your car for regular maintenance.

As this leads to the accumulation of dirt and grime on the valves of the camshaft. Due to which it gets clogged up, smell filthy and break down because of lack of proper servicing. As installing a camshaft requires a lot of skills and labour it can cost you more than a thousand.

Hybrid Auto Battery

Once you invest in a hybrid car you may have to deal with constant maintenance costs. However, the price of fixing a hybrid car part like the battery is very high. If you have a broken or damaged battery and you want to replace it. You may have to pay up to 5K, according to model of your automobile. Sometimes you need to save some additional funds to fix some repairs and tweaks to replace the battery (if required).


This the car part which rarely shows any problem. But when it does, it calls for a very expensive repair service. If you ever notice a damage in one or more components of suspension like springs, tie rods, shocks or struts. It can require a costly and hefty repair job. But it is an important repair because it can make your ride less convenient and bumpier. Expect thousands of dollars to get this fixed.

Car Keys

Unfortunately, those days are gone when you can easily get a copy your lost car keys. You can directly go to a locksmith to offer auto keys for just $10. Because, these days’ vehicles have become more secure with computerized technology. Thus, if you lose or misplace your keys, it can be a very costly loss. You have to spend hundreds, in order to get a spare or replacement vehicle key.

It is only the cost to pre-order, code and cut the keys. If you lost all your keys, it will be difficult to get a duplicate key. So, you can expect to spend in thousands or even more. Moreover, you can get it only from the brand auto dealership instead of any third party.

Head Gasket

The head gasket is an important part as its seal the cylinders in engine, in fact, this part makes a good car engine. This helps in leaking of oil and coolant into the engine and causing major damage. If a blown head gasket is not fixed on time, then it can lead to emission of white smoke from exhaust. As it makes the vehicle overheated and require intensive-labour to fix. That’s why, the entire job of repairing a head gasket can require you to spend a bulk of money.

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