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What makes a good used car engine?

We are a used auto parts dealer. And when it comes to the highest quality used engines, you won’t find a better supplier. But what does one need to look for in a top quality second hand engine? Let us find out shall we?

Have a Look at the Coolant

One of the heroic substances cooling the car engine down is coolant liquid. If it weren’t for this material your car’s engine would overheat and suffer catastrophic damage. Once this happens you need to replace it. When you are buying a replacement engine, you don’t want this to happen to it.


So you will need to check the coolant isn’t leaking. If it leaks, not only is their less coolant to cool your engine down. It can also mix with the engine oil. This creates oil residue and foam, so these are things to look out for as they are tell-tale signs of leaking.

Look to see if there is any rust around the radiator. If there is a lack of the correct amounts of anti-freeze in the radiator, rust is what tends to build up. This is due to their decision to use water instead. Which is not the correct thing to do.

Start the Engine While Cold and Watch the Result

When looking at what condition an engine is in, the smoke exhaling from the exhaust pipes can tell you a story. That story will depend on the colour of the smoke. If something is wrong in the engine, then the smoke will be dense and very dark, even black. The likely culprit will be carbon deposits. These nasties are very bad for performance.

Don’t Forget to Have a Test Drive

Once you have properly inspected the engine, you really need to conclude the whole process. And how does one do this? Well, you really need to actually test the engine out. While you are operating the vehicle that the engine resides in, you should be listening and watching for some things. What are those things? Well, let us see. Is the engine having a hard time? Is it doing what many people would describe as “struggling?” This is something that can be a sign of an engine that is on its last legs.

Once you have completed your test drive experience, have a good think about the benefits and draw-backs of this engine. If you are pleased with what you have seen, by all means go ahead and purchase it. However, if any doubt resides in your soul, you need to listen to your gut and run for the hills. That engine will only lead to heart-ache.

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