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/ Why Abandoned Cars are a so Problematic?

Why Abandoned Cars are a so Problematic?

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When most people find that their vehicle has permanently broken down, they have a range of options at their fingertips. Selling to an auto recycling yard is one of them. However, a small number of folk don’t realise that this is something they can do. Otherwise, they would do it. Instead, they abandon the vehicle somewhere.

Aside from the fact that they are basically throwing money away, since they had the option of selling it, there are other ways that this is a huge mistake. The truth is that the abandoning of cars also hurts others. Here are some of the dangers inherent in abandoning vehicles on the street, rural areas, or anywhere.

Accidents Increase

Every now and then, a person will be driving their car along the road during a storm with low visibility. While simply minding their own business, they weren’t able to notice that there was a random vehicle sitting to the side of the road, where there usually aren’t any ever. And before you know it, the cars have collided. This is a very real thing that happens from time to time. It is a calamity that can be easily avoided by people simply not abandoning cars.

The Environment Suffers

Cars are not biodegradable. This seems like it goes without saying, but people really don’t appreciate the fact that there are materials in your average car that don’t belong in the environment. There are plastics that get chewed by rodents and subsequently spread. There are toxic materials present in the vehicle, like engine oil and brake fluid, not to mention the acid in the battery. They will eventually leak out and seep into the ground. From there their journey takes them all the way to the waterways, harming plant life, wild-life and so forth.

Hazardous to Children

Cars are not safe jungle gyms for children to play on. As has been described, they have toxic materials in them. They have rodents in them. They have sharp edges and rusted out steel that can harm anyone small and unaware of the dangers.

If a vehicle is left abandoned, it will get mouldy, rusty, and just generally an unhealthy place to be around. But children aren’t aware of these facts, and they are curious. This is yet another reason why abandoned vehicles are dangerous. Don’t abandon your cars, folks.

The Hinder Waste Management Efforts

Street cleaning services will find that their jobs are made harder with cars that have been abandoned getting in their way. These vehicles are also often used for activities of a more illegal nature. People may take advantage of an abandoned vehicle by dumping their rubbish in, on or around it.

Government Resources Are Wasted

When an abandoned vehicle is found and reported, local state run services are required to clean it up. You can claim an impounded vehicle, however, this costs impound fee plus more charges. Money that adds up. They are also required to chase up the owner of the car in question so they can be held responsible for their ignorant actions.

The Solution

If you see an abandoned vehicle then you need to call up the local authorities. Don’t call the emergency number, though. That’s not what the emergency number is for. Call the local council. If you have a junk car and you are thinking of abandoning it, please don’t. Feel free to contact us and we will buy it off you.

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