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Useful car maintenance tips

When we talk about one of the most useful innovations done by human beings, vehicles are unquestionably the best one. Even today auto manufacturers and engineers are consistently working to modify vehicles with more advance technology. But none of these innovative skills, work when a vehicle gets older and start breaking down more often.

So, if you want to enjoy comfortable rides for a long time, it is important to take your wheels for regular service and maintenance. Along with this you will also need the best expert tips on taking care of your automobiles. This will help you to keep it in good shape and extend its lifecycle by a few more months or years.

But when automobiles get used up completely and their condition run-down. They eventually stop working properly and become unsafe.

maintain your car

So, here we’ve mentioned some of the best old car maintenance tips from the Perth Auto Wreckers experts:

Keep a regular check on your brakes

When driving your automobile, one of the most horrible problems that you can face is brake failure. For example, if you had a brake failure while driving your wheels at 85 KM per hour, you are more likely to meet an accident. That’s why, it is best to change your brake fluids at regular intervals. It is a great way of keeping your automobile safe and in every a good shape. According to experts, every old auto owner must consider to change their brake oil, after every trip. You can check the colour of your brake fluid, if you don’t remember the last time you replaced it.

If the color appears golden brown or clean, it won’t be essential to change it. However, if you see a fluid with pieces of floating rubber, black color or dirt. It is time to change it. You can keep a regular check on oil, brake by setting alarms or reminders on your their phones.

Inspect the battery

Another important component in an automobile is its battery. As it is considered as the vital source of power in a vehicle. Even if your fuel tank is full but without a good working battery you will have problems in starting your vehicle. It can lead to a number of problems like burnt electric wires, damaged fuses and other mechanical issues. Every expert recommends to check the auto battery every month at least one time. Always look for loose wires, rust and burning signs. If you notice dangling wires get them repaired ASAP. It is essential to avoid any expensive repairs.

Replace the oil, air filters and spark plugs

If you notice the accumulation of dirt and dust in your vehicle’s filters, it can decrease its efficiency. As it will decrease its mileage significantly. So, make sure to clean its air filters at least once or twice in a year. 

Additionally, it is highly suggested by experts to flush and change oils on a daily basis. Mostly you must replace its oil after travelling every 5,000 miles.

If you are having a really hard time in maintaining your used vehicle, say hello to Perth Auto Wreckers. They will be happy to purchase your wheels even when its maintenance costs go beyond its real worth.

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