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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Used Commercial Truck

Buying a used commercial truck can be a great way to expand your fleet of vehicles. But when it comes to shopping for a used commercial truck, trailer, truck or any other heavy-weight truck, you may of course won’t be willing to end up getting a lemon.

As there is a huge variety of used commercial trucks in the market, you can also research online to shop for your next workhorse. You may also search average used commercial vehicle prices and be on your game to make sure you secure the best deal.

In our ultimate guide to buy used commercial truck, we have listed 10 best tips that could save you money not only on the sale price, but also on the costly repairs that you may incur down the road.


1) Check the oil condition

Here, we are not just speaking about checking oil levels, but also oil conditions. Because it can tell a lot about the health and performance of the commercial vehicle.

Moreover, a well-maintained and regularly serviced vehicle will have had its both engine and transmission fluids regularly examine for signs of contamination, antifreeze or metal traces. You may also ask to see the historical records for complete satisfaction.

2) Look for rust

Generally people underestimate the importance of checking vehicles for rust, but if ignored it can actually render their whole investment worthless. It is easy to check surface rust, but structural rust for instance around the frame, may be difficult to discover.

3) Check the legitimacy of service records

By reviewing the service you will be able to know several notable things about trucks. For this, make sure to check that the records are legitimate and verify the VIN of the commercial automobile.

Additionally, review the history of repairs and confirm that it is not being serviced at recurring intervals. As it could indicate an expensive problem. Make sure to be extra alert of sellers that are not willing to show service records and simply walk out of the sale.

4) Check the suspension system

Because of the typical nature of suspension and custom designs of commercial automobiles, it can be difficult and expensive to get them repaired. Therefore, make sure that the suspension system is working properly and its manufacturer has a good reputation for highly-engineered systems.

5) Inspect all the major parts

If you don’t have good knowledge about the inner working of the truck then it will be wise to get it inspected by a skilled auto mechanic. Whether it’s the brakes, AC, hydraulic, steering or the transmission, you will need to be sure to verify them accurately. If you won’t be able to do this, you may incur costly replacement charges in future.

6) Look for at least two part suppliers                                                       

When looking for a great looking commercial automobile, make sure that you can easily get its used spare parts. This is because your awesome looking truck will be left idle if you are not able to search a replacement part for it when needed. This is common if the vehicle is obscure or of a limited brand. So, make sure to source at least two separate suppliers to get its parts.

7) Will they also finance it?

Before finalizing any deal make sure to ask the truck seller if they could also offer you finance for it. As some of the finance companies are quite choosy about financing specific trucks and won’t do it unless the vehicle has successfully passed the DOT inspection.

8) Will they insure it?

Similarly, also inquire if they will insure the commercial truck and at a cost that still makes it a profitable deal.

9) What is the reason for selling it?

In order to avoid being ripped off by swindlers, you must know their reasons for selling the automobile. Don’t just let them avoid the question or change the subject. Look for weird signs or reactions that will tell you to make an informed decision.

10) Hire a broker

If you are time-poor and not an adroit negotiator, then it will be a smart decision to hire a professional broker. Although they will charge you some commission, but are experts on sorting out good from bad and will get you a good deal.

Overall, never rush for signing a deal, take your time and proceed cautiously. And, you will definitely end up getting a good truck that will serve you with excellent performance for years. Furthermore, you can consult with your local team of Auto Wreckers in Perth and make your decision right.

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