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Junk your car for cash with Perth Auto Wreckers

It doesn’t matter if your car has entered the junk phase of its life, it can still garner some money. The options you have before you is to take it to a wrecking yard using a towing company. You could take advantage of the skill and expertise of your local Cash for scrap Cars Company.

The simple, easy and convenient option is, of course, to sell your vehicle to a Cash for Cars Company, also known as an Auto Removal company. The following are some handy tips for discovering your junk vehicles monetary value if you were to sell to the Perth Auto Wreckers.


Car Removal companies are by no means in short supply. Type in the relevant key words into your favourite search engine. Such as your area and “car removal service in your region”, and contact the ones that come up in the results to get some free quotes. The one that offers the most should be the company who you choose to sell your car to. Perth Auto Wreckers pay up to $9999 for junk machines. Which is a handsome sum for a vehicle that has reached the end of its life. They also provide free scrap auto removal.


Parts and Materials are valuable

A machine not running anymore doesn’t mean that it is absolutely worthless. The reason why it isn’t going isn’t because every single component on it has failed. Chances are the doors are still working, same as the steering wheel. The whole thing will be choc a-bloc full of parts that can be salvaged and re-used. Even the materials that make the vehicle up can be recycled to make more cars, like the steel. Which can be sold as scrap metal.

Sell it before it decays even more

As the vehicle sits in your garage or outside on the lawn or driveway over time rust will slowly eat away at its components. This will impact on its value, and the accumulated deterioration over time will result in vastly diminished financial returns for your junk vehicle. Make sure you nip this problem in the bud as soon as possible to get the most amount of monetary gain. Contact your friendly cash for cars service and they will remove the vehicle free of charge. While paying you a nice amount of cold hard cash on the spot.

Help the environment as well

There are a lot of toxic chemicals in various parts of the automobile. Even after draining all the fluids there will be residual chemicals that can leak out. They get into the ground and affect the plant life, and the trickle-down effect will harm wildlife as well.

Auto removal companies have specific processes in place to make sure that all of these materials are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally safe way. Ensuring a clean and green environment for you and your children and their children’s children, and their children as well.

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