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How Does One Get Good Money from a Junk Car?


Are you currently in the ownership of a car whose time is well and truly up? It would probably be safe to say that it is well past its prime, and could be called a junk car easily. So, it would make a lot of sense if you desperately want it off your property. And it would make perfect sense if you want this to be a fast process. The following tips will help you to make all your junk car selling dreams come true.

Scrap the Vehicle

If you are looking for the fastest and simplest way to sell a junk car for good cash, then welcome to the gold standard. It involves selling your car to your local Auto Wrecking Company in Perth. They are sometimes known by some folk as cash for car companies. Which makes perfect sense. Drop your local auto wreckers a line, tell them the make, model and condition your vehicle is in and you will have sold it within the space of a day. And they don’t charge for removal costs either.

Part the Car Out

Furthermore, this is not the simple way to get money out of your scrap car. It involves dismantling it and selling the parts individually.

Also, this is a very drawn out process and will take up a whole lot of your time and energy. If you want to get rid of your car fast and easily, this is not the option for you.

But if you have time on your hands, not to mention the expertise that you will need as well, go right ahead. Just make sure that you also have the correct tools as well. And an ample amount of space. You will need that space to store the parts, and to work on the car to begin with. The following are just some of the parts on your car that you will be selling if you choose this option.

  1. Lead Wheel Weights

The vehicle’s tyres will have lead weights inside them. The will be made out of steel clips. These steel clips are a length of a few inches.

  1. Batteries

The battery can make you a nice small amount of cash. So keep that in mind while you dismantle the car. Because you want to make good cash.

  1. Starters and Alternators

The starters and alternators are made up of copper. Copper is worth good money.

  1. Aluminium Rims

Rims have a specific kind of aluminium in them that is worth more than aluminium is normally worth. Take those tyres off and remove the rims and get yourself some good cash.

  1. Catalytic Converters

One of the contenders for most valuable part of your car is the catalytic converter. If your catalytic converter works, it is worth a good amount of money. This is due to the precious metals that your catalytic converter is made of. If it is in good enough shape you can expect to make up to $200.

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