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/ How to browse for cheaper car parts in the salvage yards?

How to browse for cheaper car parts in the salvage yards?

There are many varied reasons why anyone would want to buy cheap used car parts from a salvage yard. All of us have been there at some or the other point in life. But sometimes we expect to spend only a few dollars and end up spending a couple of hundred dollars. This way your vehicle will require expensive monthly maintenance frequently. So, instead of spending big dollars on your vehicle repairs you can better invest your little time and effort in getting it in a good shape. Here is a great you can save your bank account from draining out by the huge amount of frequent auto repairs.

Explore quality second hand car parts at a scrap yard

At salvage yards you can find unlimited and reliable used car parts as well as save a thousand dollars at the same time. But in order to get quality second hand parts you will have to look up for a reliable Auto Wreckers in your area. However, if you live in a suburb, you probably won’t find a sprawling salvage yard close by. At first it can be intimidating to look up for a good junk yard, but once you find a reliable company you can easily get your desired components at affordable rates. Navigating through piles of trash may seem to be daunting, but a fair bit of money you will save will tempt you coming back for more. 


Junk yards are generally of two types – You-Pick and Full-Service. Full-service scarp yards take care of all the hassles for their customers, from sourcing the required part of installing it in the automobile. But, as you are getting the dirty work of hunting for components done by someone else, you will need to pay higher customer service charges. No doubts that there are certain Pros and Cons of salvage car parts, however price factor makes the difference in any case.

Additionally, there are two other types of junk yards also including Do-It-Yourself or You-Pick scrap yard.

Do-It-Yourself Salvage yard

Do-It-Yourself scrap yards operates at a lower budget and hence provide good quality second hand parts at cheap rates. When dealing with them you will have to do the intimidating task of sourcing a reliable used auto component on our own. You can expect to get a number of these yards when you go out of the suburbs. They mostly appear like a vehicular graveyard, with mostly rows of old and rusted automobiles piled one on the other. Here we have given the easy process of navigating your desired component at a do-it-yourself scrap yard.

Determine the part you exactly need

If you pay a little attention on the problem with your vehicle, locating and extracting the desired part will be easy for you. We may need to do a little research to know this. You will have to find out what the part exactly looks like, in which area of the vehicle it is located, How to get it out of the automobile and in what types of automobiles you will find it. You might have already paid to your local auto mechanic for repairing your vehicle and you may not want to end up buying a faulty part. So it is best to do your research beforehand, instead of scanning your phone for this information while standing in the middle of the yard.

Ensure to a have ready tool bag

Since you are going to source the part yourself at Do-it-yourself scarp yards. You will need to carry a tool bag with you. Hence, make sure your bag includes the following items – Wire cutters, Gloves, Pilers, Pry bar, Wrench, Safety glasses and assorted screwdrivers.

You may also need some bigger tools. So as not to get caught without the right tool at the end. It is best to do research about the items you will need.

Get the required Part or Component

Once you have explored and found the exact component you need, pull it off the vehicle with the help of tools you have in your tool bag. This is where the knowledge you gained through the research you did about the part will pay off.  You will already know how to extract the part and what tools you need to use. However, if you are unsure about anything, then you can probably take help of YouTube. When you have finally extracted your component, pay for it and take it to your local mechanic.

Look up for a skilled auto mechanic

Browse for a good, knowledgeable mechanic in your area. As many auto-repair shops don’t allow customers to bring their own parts. Thus, you will need to find an independent mechanic who will do the labor of installing the component in your automobile. However, most of the mechanics that work in Full-service repair shops also work independently.

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