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/ An Outline to Car Wreckers

An Outline to Car Wreckers

If you are looking to find a decent means for properly disposing your junk car, the best solution is to sell it. You may be wondering how it is possible to sell a clunker such as the one you need to get rid of. It is, after all, impossible to give them away under normal circumstances. Well, it just so happens that the answer to all your junk car selling needs is to sell it to a car wrecking company!

Car wrecking companies are indispensable assets to any community. They make it possible for anyone who wants to sell a car within one day to do so easily. And without having to sacrifice any of the inherent values of the vehicle in question. Of course, as has been mentioned, they allow people with junk car to be able to sell them. On top of that, they also are a great vendor of affordable used parts & car restoration. So, if you need to get yourself a replacement part for your old automobile, there is no better or more cost effective option than to get one second hand at your local auto wreckers!

This overview to car wreckers will explain the general attributes that these exceptional business use to the advantage of their customers. Hopefully this will provide some understanding as to why they are so important.

Why we Need Auto Wrecking Services?

Auto Wrecking companies are growing in popularity all the time. This is definitely a good thing. Cars need a place to go when they die. You most certainly can’t simply leave your vehicle on the lawn or driveway. You also can’t abandon it as this is wrong and illegal.


When a junk car is left to rot, whether it be on your property or the street, it will leak toxic substances into the environment. This is via both the liquids that are still in the car, such as brake fluid, engine oil and coolant. Taking it to a junk yard where it will deteriorate as is will result in plastics and other materials polluting the environment as well. This is why cars need to be recycled. This is what the car wrecking company does.

The great thing is that they provide other benefits to society as well. The fact that they buy cars fast and without any fuss regardless of what condition they are in affords people with a way to sell their cars fast. This is a god-send for anyone who needs to make some money fast, and has decided to sell their car in order to do so.

What Do Car Wreckers Do?

Vehicle wrecking companies make money from a simple business model. They buy junk cars, and they salvage any parts that are in good enough condition to be re-used. Left over parts that are in bad condition are sold as scrap metal. Most of these outfits are staffed by experts and professionals with many years of experience in the field.

No wonder than that they are so keen on buying any and all junk cars that may be residing on people’s properties, growing rust and serving no use whatsoever. The best thing, from their customer’s perspective, is the fact that they don’t rip people off. They are very generous when they buy people’s junk cars. They make so much money out of the parts that they can afford to share the wealth around by making generous estimates on how much any particular vehicle is worth.

Wreckers assess the value of vehicles by looking at the condition the vehicle is in. The also take into account the age of the car, along with its make and model. All of these things will impact how much the vehicle is worth.

The Wrecking Process Explained

When your vehicle arrives at the auto wrecker’s salvage yard, it is about to go on an existential journey unlike it has ever been on. At this journey’s conclusion the car will not even exist anymore. Instead it will be reduced to its individual components, some of which will be further reduced. Here are the different stages of this transformation.

  • The fluids are removed: All cars have fluids in them allowing them to function properly. However, these fluids are not good for the environment. They need to be drained out of the vehicle completely before the automobile goes through the other stages, lest they make a huge mess. Fluids such as antifreeze, engine oil and Freon are just a few of these nasty substances that need to be taken care of.
  • The parts are removed: Junk cars are virtual treasure troves of parts. And those parts are often valuable. When you sell your junk car to an auto wrecking company, they will be interested in getting those parts off your car so that they can sell them at a later date. After draining the fluids, this is what they do. Then they refurbish said parts. This involves testing them, cleaning them and making sure they are in good enough condition to use.
  • The remains are crushed: The car is sent to a facility that specialises in crushing cars. It gets put through a crusher, flattened, and shredded. Magnets are used to separate the metals from the plastics and other materials.

How Much Money You Can Expect to Get

This all depends on a few variables. One of them is the make and model of your car. Another is how many parts on it can be salvaged. The weight of your car in steel also impacts its value, along with its age. You can make sure that you get the most possible money by shopping around. There will most likely be a few different auto wrecking companies in your area, so doing this won’t be hard. Call a few of them up and get price quotes from a small number of them.

They tend to be easy to contact. You can either call them or complete a quote request form. As always, good luck with your mission!

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