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10 FAQ’s before scrapping your car

So, your old vehicle has reached a point that it is totally run down and inefficient to transfer you from one place to another. In such case, you might be looking for the services of professional auto wreckers in your town. But finding a reliable and experienced car wrecking service provider is not as simple as having a walk in the park. It involves doing a lot of research as well as probing. This is a very important part of the process that you must follow so everything automatically fall in the right place.

If you don’t know a trustworthy and dependable car wrecker in WA then better say hello to Perth Auto Wreckers. Used auto removal firms and scrap auto wrecking industry is growing rapidly for many years now. Their services are very helpful to people who are looking to get rid of an old or damaged vehicle. However, there are also chances of getting screwed or ripped off. So, it is best to ask some critical questions before you scrap your old vehicle with any vehicle removal company.


Here is a list of 10 frequently asked questions that you should discuss when dealing with a professional auto removal firm:

Do you have the valid license, certificate and registration?

There are many auto wrecking firms that operate services without having proper license. Such business are not authentic and certified to buy and scrap unwanted automobiles. In addition, their auto salvaging techniques are not considered safe for the environment. So, make sure to look for a company that have valid certifications from EPA.

How many years you have been working this industry?

The years of experience a company have spoken a lot about its reputation and dependability. It will also tell you whether or not they do their business in a legitimate way. You will also know how much they value their customer’s convenience.   

What is the approximate capacity of your salvage yard?

By asking this question you can know if they can actually accommodate various forms and sizes of automobiles in their yard. In addition, it will also give you a good idea about whether their services are environmentally friendly or not.  

How much does it cost to remove my scrap car?

While there are many wreckers who remove vehicles for free and also transport them to their establishment. But unfortunately, there are some auto wreckers that charge a significant amount of money to pick up vehicles safely from the clients location. They will charge you service fees, towing fees, etc. So, make sure to ask the service provider about the additional costs (if any), before reaching at the trading process.

What is the maximum turnaround to scrap my car?

Make sure to deal with a company that is capable of completing the entire removal and the transaction process within the same day. However, if the company takes more than one day to remove the vehicle, it means they are not dependable. They may not have quality equipment and efficient manpower to remove the automobiles at the same day.

Who will take care of all the legal paperwork for the vehicle?

Remember a professional wrecking firm won’t ask you to present a registration or ownership title. It is simply because they are just going to scrap the vehicle rather than reselling it. However, a legitimate company will ensure to check that the questionable automobile is not stolen. For this they will need a document showing that you are the real owner of the vehicle.

How would you dispose or dismantle my vehicle?

This will tell you if you are dealing with a really professional and experienced company. Any experienced company won’t simply dump vehicles in their scrap yard after dismantling process. They will take the responsibility of helping the environment and follow eco-friendly recycling techniques.  

Do you cover the surrounding suburbs of Perth as well?

Keep in mind a reliable and well-versed auto removal service will have a huge business network. It’s because they will have several branches operating in different areas so their customers can access them easily. This also indicates that they will be able to offer a really quick and easy removal process.

How much cash do I get for my scrap car?

Before you contact any company to know the amount of cash you can get for your old car. Make sure to do some homework about your vehicle’s existing market rate. This will help you to avoid getting ripped off by the fraudulent junk car buyers. A skilled and trustworthy company will also show how they determine the cash quote offered to you.

What’s the price difference between the pickup or I drop off the vehicle to your scrap yard in Perth?

There are some vehicle removal firms who give more money when owners are ready to tow their vehicles in their yard. As it usually saves their fuel costs and time, if they remove a vehicle from your location. However, some companies don’t mind it at all for the customer courteousness.

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