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Looking for at Perth’s registered used auto spare parts company? Your search is over now that you have found us here at Perth Auto Wreckers. If you are looking for one such company with the intention of buying high quality used headlight assembly, we are your best bet!

We dismantle cars and keep the car headlights for sale which are in good condition. However, our cheap aftermarket replacement headlight units are imported directly from such places as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Do you need some high quality headlights or taillights or LED lights for cars? Get them from us! All the different makes and models are accounted for. We also repair headlights.

Good Reasons for Buying from Us

There is a simple reason for why you should buy your second hand headlight units from us. It is because we are the number one seller of used spare parts including auto lights. Are you looking for a huge range? We have it. We have OEM headlights, headlights for Toyota cars, high intensity headlights, and everything in between.

Sometimes a headlight that has been damaged doesn’t need replacing, but rather needs to be repaired. We can sort that out for you. We have the best experts using techniques that include plastic wielding, to repair headlights that have fallen prey to such maladies as being cracked. Here are a few of our services:

Used and new headlights, after market lights, delivery and pick up, disposal and recycling of headlights. All your automobile light needs can be found here.

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We Even Offer Refunds for Unsatisfied Customers

Furthermore, the number-one goal we have here at “Perth Auto Wreckers” is to make every one of our customers satisfied with our exceptional services. If you have found them to be anything less than exceptional, we will refund your money instantly. Don’t spend an arm and a leg on headlights from anywhere else. We will even deliver the headlight you need to your door, at an affordable price as well.

Headlight Restoration Perth, WA

Sometimes, after a while, headlights get cloudy looking. It is called oxidation. It makes the car look like a mess, and also serves as a safety problem, as their effectiveness is compromised severely. Here are some of the options you have to choose from when you need your headlights restored:

Have them replaced: This is the option that costs the most money. It can be too expensive to buy the headlights brand new. And then you need to have an expert install them.

Restoring them with a kit [Headlight Restoration DIY]: A headlight restoration kit can be easily bought from different outlets. However, the results may look good but it doesn’t last long. A few months is all you have of restored headlights before they go back to being cloudy.

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Professional Headlight Restoration

Perth motorists have a particularly hard time due to the sun here. It is very tough on our headlights. Perth Auto Wreckers are here to provide a solution. We have all the brands, and a huge range. HB4, HB3, H11, H7 and H4 are just a few of the bulbs we have. We have SCA and Narva brands and everything in between. Drop us a line and get yourself sorted out today!

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