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Armadale is a great place to live, and it is certainly true that owning a junk vehicle won’t change that. But it will still be a giant annoyance. The reason being that it will be taking up a huge area of space either on the front or back yard, driveway or garage. No-one should have to tolerate this, regardless of where they live, whether it be in Armadale or elsewhere.

That’s why we are here at Perth Wreckers, to buy that vehicle off you. We will pay you cold hard cash for it, and you will be rid of it forever. Free to use that space for other more important things.


We Buy All Makes and Models

You need not worry about whether or not we will accept the specific type of vehicle that you own. We don’t reject vehicles based on any reason at all, much less what make or model they are. We will buy it regardless of where it was manufactured, and regardless of what type of automobile it is. This means that Mazda’s, Toyota’s, Mitsubishi’s and Hondas are all okay by us. If it’s a BMW we will buy it. We will purchase Chevrolet’s, Lamborghini’s, Mercedes Benzes, and Volkswagens. We wreck Japanese, European, Korean, Holden & American vehicles for the best price possible.

Top Cash for Cars in Aramdale

All vehicles will reach the end of their lives at some stage. This is an unfortunate fact. This doesn’t mean that all the money you sunk into first purchasing and then maintaining the vehicle should be for nothing. You deserve something to show for it at the end, and we are happy to provide it. We will buy your old vehicle, but even if it is brand new we will pay up to $9’999 for it.

We Recycle Cars after Dismantling Them

When vehicles reach the end of their lives, they need to be disposed of properly. The methods of recycling have to be of a certain standard so as to ensure the best for the environment and the planet. If cars are just left lying around, they will leach toxic chemicals into the ground. However, you should know that when it’s time to scrap your old car. We at Perth Auto Wreckers are dedicated to playing our part in making sure that junk vehicles don’t contribute to pollution.

Free, No Obligation Cash Quotes

When you give us a call, make sure you have all your information on hand so that you can give a detailed description of your vehicle. That way we can use our experience and expertise to give an accurate and generous price for your automobile. You won’t be charged for this service, and if you can find someone who gives a higher quote we will match it.

If you live in Armadale and you have a vehicle that needs selling, don’t hesitate or procrastinate for even a second more, as contacting us at 08 9452 8859 will ensure that your experience selling this particular car, truck, van or Ute will be convenient and stress free.

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