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Nissan Wreckers Perth

Having a junk or scrap Nissan lying about on your lawn or sitting in your garage no longer has to be a problem anymore. A solution to the eternal struggle surrounding junk cars is here. We are Perth Auto Wreckers salvage yard business and we are that solution. Sell your Nissan truck, SUV, 4×4, car, van or Ute to us, and you nor your wallet will regret it.


Any Nissan Model is Okay

We won’t reject your Nissan for any reason whatsoever, and one of the reasons that we won’t use for rejecting your Nissan is its model. This is because we love buying Nissans and wouldn’t dream of passing up any chance of buying one, whether it is a Maxima, Tiida, Serena, Patrol, Safari, Navara, Bluebird, Homy, Skyline, Almera, Avenir, Cefiro, Terrano, Sunno, Elgrand, Frontier, Fuga, Primera, Silvia, Sentra, or Pulsar.

Top Cash to Be Paid

Perth Auto Wreckers cash for cars service is not only stress free, easy and simple, but also the very definition of convenience. But don’t go thinking that this means that we will pay less for Nissans. We still make sure to pay the most that your old or rusty Nissan can possibly get. Whether that number is $100 at the least or $9999 at the very most, depending on the condition of your Nissan.


We Buy Nissans in Any Condition

If your Nissan has been extensively damaged by accident, fire, water or old age then of course you will be wanting to replace it, and we understand that. Which is why we will buy your Nissan no matter how badly damaged or old it is. All cars have value, no matter what condition they are in, even if that value can only be extracted via the steel that makes up a large percentage of the Nissan in question. Junk your car for cash with Perth Auto Wreckers and do not worry about the condition of the vehicle because we can buy the car as is.

We Provide Free Removal

When your Nissan has reached the junk stage of its career. You won’t be able to drive it anywhere ever again. This includes driving to the salvage yard to get wrecked. In most cases this means having it towed or similar. That is money out of your pocket. When dealing with us, however, you needn’t worry about this problem. We will take care of this for you, and completely free of any cost whatsoever.

Free Cash Quote

Call us or fill out the form on our website. You can get a fair and accurate estimate of how much your Nissan is worth to us. We will provide you with this cash quote free of charge. Plus, there is no obligation to go any further. The number to call is 08 9452 8859.


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